The MDU portal will be a membership/role based featured available after logging in on with your sfty username and password.

Registration can be done either through the app or through the login/registration -page. Confirmation of your number is done via SMS code. All sfty users will have access to basic account information and management via personal details, image/avatar and the ability to change password. sfty/distributors admin can create new fire alarm Groups for MDUs. The groups are named, have an address – and optionally a picture and description.



Relevant events will be logged for the group and made available for admins (both admin from provider as well as the MDU) in the MDU portal. Examples of relevant events could be addition or removal of members and devices, requests to join the group and alarms. Each group will come with a dashboard to make it easy for an admin to get an overview. It will as a minimum contain the event log.