sfty Sense

sfty Sense is a complete home safety unit. It is a smoke detector, which is always on – and a motion detector, which you can turn on and off.

In addition, sfty Sense measures temperature and humidity in the room it is placed. That’s a lot of things for a small, battery-powered device to do – and it doesn’t end there. sfty sense is installed with a Wi-Fi card – enabling it to reach you and others over the internet through our sfty app.

Smoke detector

The smoke detector is always ON. If smoke is detected, all trustees added to your sfty Home will be notified and the alarm siren in sfty Sense will sound until smoke is no longer detected.

If you trigger the smoke alarm by accident, you can twist sfty Sense off from its bracket and blow hard into the slits on its side to remove remaining smoke from the chamber.

Burglar alarm

Your Sense is installed with motion detector which works as a burglar alarm that you can turn ON and OFF through your sfty App.


The sfty Sense is powered by four lithium batteries. It comes with remote control in case your sfty App is unavailable, and you need a backup for turning ON/OFF your burglar alarm. In addition, you will get a velcro for wall mounting the remote control.

The sfty Sense is complete with two alarm stickers, screws and tools key, and a variation of user manuals to make the setup easy.