sfty App

Our sfty App offers different types of features to increase your personal safety. Through your sfty Network, friends and family will be able to make sure you’re safe – and act if you are in need of assistance. We recommend to build a solid network with neighbours, friends & family and others to create the best possible safety environment.

sfty Home

Manage a complete home safety unit through the app. Check out your home temperature and humidity, turn Off/On your burglar alarm, alert trustees and more.


At the heart of sfty is your network of trustees; your friends, family and neighbors that want to know you’re safe – and will act if you need assistance.

Help Me

Your personal alarm, activated with a tap of the finger, or simply by pulling out your headset. Your selected trustees will receive an alarm and can see where you are.

Follow Me

Share your journey, short trip or your way home with your selection of trustees or contacts. A map of your movements will be available to your followers and you can update with photo and text.