What is sfty?

“Redefining and simplifying the security business by introducing a social safety network for alarm and mission critical communication for you and your home.”

At the heart of safety is our network of trustees: Your friends and family that want to know you’re safe – and will act if you need assistance.

sfty products

sfty App

The sfty App offers different types of features to increase your personal safety. Through your sfty Network, friends and family will be able to make sure you’re safe – and act if you are in need of assistance. We recommend to build a solid network with neighbours, friends & family and others to create the best possible safety environment.

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sfty Sense
sfty Sense is a complete home safety unit. It is a smoke detector, which is always on – and a motion detector, that you can turn on and off.

In addition, sfty Sense measures temperature and humidity in the room it is placed. That’s a lot of things for a small, battery-powered device to do – and it doesn’t end there. sfty Sense is installed with a Wi-Fi card – enabling it to reach you and others over the internet through our sfty app.

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sfty Control
Easy administration of your apartment building or community with our unique and responsive administration portal.
Software solution allowing easy overview and administration of users and monitoring all units in a MDU. The administrator of each “MDU Alarm Portal” will have the ability to define rules that govern their respective setup in an MDU. Our solution will support multiple administrators in parallel.

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